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Kidney Quality Improvement Partnership

Working together to develop, support and share improvement in kidney services to improve people’s health and add value

A unique clinician led inclusive partnership of professionals, patient groups, and quality improvement professionals

(KQuIP Mandate)

Every year more people need renal replacement therapy – improvement drives efficiency and effectiveness

(UK Renal Registry 21st Annual Report)

Right data, right format, right time, the right hands – KQuIP underpinned by the UK Renal Registry and ready for improvement

(UK Renal Registry)

Big variation across units in the use of peritoneal dialysis – sharing the learning reduces unwarranted variation

(9th UK Dialysis Conference)

What is KQuIP?

KQuIP is a dynamic network of kidney health professionals, patients and carers who are committed to developing, supporting and sharing quality improvement in kidney services in order to enhance outcomes and quality of life for patients with kidney disease.

What does KQuIP do?

KQuIP will improve the lives of adults and children affected by kidney disease by supporting healthcare professionals, kidney units, renal networks and commissioners across the UK to achieve the highest quality of care for patients.

KQuIP builds on rather than replaces existing quality improvement structures.

It will do this by:

  • Helping kidney services to embed quality improvement into daily practice.
  • Understanding and reducing unwarranted variation in care.
  • Spreading and sharing good practice.

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