KQuIP Regional Activity

KQuIP has identified that an effective regional network structure is critical for the delivery of tangible improvements for patients. KQuIP is working to support and liaise with the existing structure of regional delivery networks to ensure an effective local delivery arm and intelligence network that can deliver the spread and sustainability of embedded quality improvement. KQuIP and the regions will be focusing on three priority areas for national quality improvement projects. Home Therapies, Transplant First and Vascular Access. For more information on KQuIP’s national projects click here.

KQuIP has identified six regions that it will support in the delivery of quality improvement. The first six regions that we will be working with are:

West Midlands

The West Midlands KQuIP and UK Renal Registry regional day was held on 23 March 2017. It was designed in partnership between KQuIP and clinicians in the West Midlands, led by Clara Day, Network lead. The day focused on outcomes review and learning and development to identify areas for improvement for each unit. Renal units in the region identified their QI leads (one medical and one multi-professional). Their focus regionally was agreed to be improving access to home therapies. This will help to steer the KQuIP programme of activity within the West Midlands region.

Click here to view the summary report from the West Midlands day detailing the highlights and QI information shared along with the presentations and agenda from the day.

The West Midlands region have formed an AKI Network to consider the UKRR AKI data and the variation in practice across the region. The AKI network, led by a group of interested clinicians, will work together to identify areas of best practice to spread and adopt locally, including the access to specialist advice and guidance within the network.

The network aim to identify areas of the data to review the pathways and processes to improve clinical outcomes and the patient experience. The network is in the early stages of development and further information to include the network development, tools and guidance will be available late 2017.

Yorkshire and Humber

East Midlands

The KQuIP/UKRR East Midlands regional day was held on the 12th September 2017 and was held at IGEM House in Kegworth. The programme for the day focused on presentations of national and regional UKRR/Public Health data setting the context, national and local priority settings, Quality Improvement planning and next steps.

For further information on the day including the slides presented and the days agenda click here.

North West

Oxford and Thames Valley

The KQuIP/UKRR Oxford and Thames Valley regional day took place on 24th April 2018.  Colleagues from the region came together to develop a programme for the day with support from KQuIP.

For further information on the day including slides, photographs and the agenda, click here

South West

The KQuIP/UKRR South West regional day took place on 4th October 2018.  Colleagues from the region came together to develop a programme for the day with support from KQuIP.

For more information including a summary report of the day, presentations, photographs and the agenda, click here

Future Regional Days

KQuIP have had a number of expressions of interest from regions who would like to have a regional day in 2018. We are working closely with these regions to identify dates and develop a programme. Watch this space! If you think this would be of interest to your region then please contact James McCann, KQuIP Programme Lead – james.mccann@renalregistry.nhs.uk