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For the most current and relevant information, we encourage medical professionals to visit the UK Kidney Association for comprehensive resources and updates in the field. Patients and their families can find valuable, patient-centric information and support at Kidney Care UK.

We would also like to inform you that the Kidney Quality Improvement Partnership (KQIP) is now part of the UK Kidney Association. For more information, please visit KQIP’s homepage under the UK Kidney Association.

We thank you for your understanding and invite you to explore these recommended resources for up-to-date insights and guidance in kidney care and health.

KQuIP is supported by a number of organisations within the renal community. Working together they lead the development of the overall strategy for KQuIP and are represented on the KQuIP Board.

The KQuIP partners are committed to the development and delivery of KQuIP, its aims and future plans and its impact on the wellbeing of people living with kidney disease.

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  1. The Renal Association

The Renal Association is the professional body for UK nephrologists (kidney doctors) and renal scientists, and all members of the multidisciplinary team working in kidney units in the UK. A key tenet of the RA’s work is to provide expert clinical leadership to support the whole MDT in enhancing safer patient care and service quality improvement in all aspects of kidney disease.

The Renal Association includes The UK Renal Registry which collects, analyses and reports on data from 71 adult and 13 paediatric renal centres, preparing an annual report for providers and purchasers for comparison and research purposes, as well as to drive improvement.

 British Association for Paediatric Nephrology is also part of the Renal Association and its members are multidisciplinary team professionals working to improve the care and lives of children and young people with kidney diseases.

2. British Renal Society

As an umbrella organisation for multi professional and patient representation in kidney care, the British Renal Society exists to advance education with the aim of developing effective patient-centred care to improve life for people with kidney failure, their families and carers.

The BRS will harness and develop strong multi-professional involvement and influence within the KQuIP network.

  1. British Transplantation Society

The British Transplantation Society represents the professional voice of transplantation in the UK. The BTS is committed to ensuring access to transplantation for all patients with organ failure who would benefit from a transplant.  KQuIP’s national project to improve access to kidney transplantation across the UK aligns with the Society’s ambition to ensure that access to timely transplantation for all suitable recipients with end stage kidney disease is made a reality across the UK.

  1. Kidney Care UK

Kidney Care UK is a charity which works to improve the quality of life for adults and children with kidney disease. It does this by giving support, information and grant aid to individuals as well as to kidney units across the UK to help improve services and patient care.

Kidney Care UK brings a strong emphasis on the patient perspective as well as knowledge and experience of quality improvement. Kidney Care UK have also provided funding to support the delivery of quality improvement within the kidney community.

  1. Association of Renal Industries

The Association of Renal Industries (ARI) is a voice of the renal industry to the NHS, government, patients and the clinical community.  Membership comprises renal based companies in the areas of devices, pharmaceuticals, service, nutrition, consulting, imaging and venture capital.

The ARI’s interest and commitment to KQuIP is reflected in the aims of our association; to be a vehicle for the two-way communication of developments and innovations between industry and the NHS; to develop an environment for true collaborative working with all stakeholders, and to deliver industry consensus to all stakeholders within the renal community for the benefit of patients.

6. Kidney Research UK

Part of our mission at Kidney Research UK is to improve treatments for people with kidney diseases and enhance their quality of life. Placing patients at the heart of what we do, we are committed to enabling the widespread adoption of best evidence and ensuring that this is sustained to improve quality of care. The charity has championed translational research, gaining a strong track record in managing quality improvement projects. We welcome the opportunity to be part of the KQUIP Board, working together to focus on key priorities, accelerating progress and delivering benefit for patients sooner.