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  • KQuIP will focus on embedding systematic quality Improvement (QI) into everyday multidisciplinary paediatric and adult practice by clinicians and managerial staff within all renal services including kidney transplantation.
  • KQuIP will provide expert clinical strategic advice regarding QI within renal services to NHS England and the other UK Countries.
  • It will facilitate education, project management and capture of outcome data for QI projects in collaboration with renal clinical networks/Regional QI architecture and local renal units.
  • It is anticipated that this supportive framework will provide the freedom for clinicians to identify, foster, and encourage local innovation (bottom up ideas and priorities) and to address education of clinical staff to improve the quality of practice; with an expectation that this learning will be passed on and shared.

The Kidney Health Delivering Excellence document ambitions are at the centre of this initiative and will ensure that KQuIP activities remain patient focused and meaningful to patient groups.

How KQuIP will work