COVID-19 Haemodialysis: Ensuring Patient Safety

Subgroup of the national Renal COVID Haemodialysis Special Interest Group

Aims and objectives

This group aims to ensure the safety of in-centre haemodialysis outpatients during the COVID-19 pandemic and as normal services are restored by doing the following:

  • Respond to concerns from patients and staff on issues relevant to the safety and patient experience of outpatient haemodialysis care
  • Work with stakeholders to identify knowledge gaps in the prevention of transmission of COVID-19 to patients and staff in a haemodialysis unit
  • Work with stakeholders to develop evidence based practice by utilising research and quality improvement methods
  • Provide an online hub of learning and evidence on haemodialysis patient safety during the COVID-19 pandemic to facilitate the spread of best practice across UK renal units.

Latest outputs

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Partner organisations

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