Identifying where to start

Once a process map has been produced, teams can identify numerous issues that need resolving to improve their service. This simple tool helps teams to arrange these issues into quick wins and to identify which ones needs more resources.

We asked teams to list their issues on post-it notes and place them in the correct quadrant as per Template.

KQuIP Programme Manager, Ranjit Klare

This is what they come up with:

  • Bradford
Easy/ Us Hard / Us Easy/ ThemHard/ Them
Fistula criteriaE-learningFistula CriteriaPatient involvement
Fistula care planCannulation language barrier
Feedback loopStaff allocation
Scanner training

  • Doncaster
Easy / Us Hard/ Us Easy/ Them Hard/ Them
AVF/ AVG care plans for cannulation Formal Training Packages E-learning Patient focus group
      Separate access info for every session

  • Leeds
Easy/ Us Hard/ Us Hard/ Them
Documentation BRS tool Staff e-learning Patient champions
Fistula Huddle Sonosite education Patient ownership
Group meetings Staff emotions Surgical assessment
Education materials Staff time Radiological intervention
  Shared experience  

  • York
Easy/ Us Hard/ Us Easy/ Them  Hard/ Them
Use look, listen, feel Do e-learning Look, listen, feel assessment Needling techniques
Patient feedback     E-learning
Needling techniques     Patient feedbak