PAN London

KQuIP recently supported a virtual conference – ‘Kidney Care in London – Reflections on Managing COVID 19‘.

Aim of the day: Capture best practice, experience and innovations to plan for the next surge and living with COVID.

Output of the day: A Pan London report that captures best practice through evidence and consensus

Programme of the day can be found here.

The programme slides from the day can be viewed below:

Session 1 – Topic: Protecting people on In-Centre Haemodialysis.

Session 2 – Topic: Renal teams supporting AKI in the critically ill patient.

– Slidedeck 1

Slidedeck 2 – NEL Experience

Session 3 – Topic: Remote working in Nephrology – Virtual by Default.

Session 4 – Topic: Restarting Vascular Access & Transplantation safely.

A report outlining the learning and next steps will be available August 2020