The Projects Workstream will:

  • Draw up a register of ongoing and completed QI projects for inclusion within the KQuIP HUB
  • Act as a resource providing advice and support for people who want to undertake QI projects within their units
  • Share expertise (eg in methodology and grant-writing) with others who are developing and leading and developing multi-regional projects to address KQuIP priority areas, and support dissemination of these projects.
  • Contribute to the activities of other workstreams and KQuIP more widely, eg
    • Sustain, build on and share existing programmes
    • Identify opportunities for Peer Assist

Our offer to stakeholders

Care Providers

  • QI resources to tap into
  • Learning from the experience of others
  • Opportunities for formal KQUIP support for individual projects


  • Opportunities for better value care (e.g. ASSIST)
  • Share and sustain existing programmes

Patients and Patients Groups

  • Genuine representation to increase the focus on areas that matter to patients

Policy Makers

  • Alignment with national priorities
  • Building the evidence for transferable interventions

Initial activity will include:

  • Asking units about their current QI activities
  • Developing a QI Register
  • Develop startup tool for people wanting to undertake improvement work
  • Increasing visibility within renal community
  • Forming links with groups who are developing projects to address KQuIP priority areas