Patient View

The following is a recommended intervention identified by the TP-CKD programme for implementation with both staff and patients, to test the following question:

Can the use of intervention tools help to improve the knowledge, skills and confidence of patients with kidney disease to enable fuller participation in the management of their own health?

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Patient View is a secure website system that gives patients on-line access to details about their kidney care. Patient View shows a person’s latest blood test results, online information about kidney conditions and treatment, and links to other helpful websites. A list of the tablets and medicines, plus an individual’s status on the transplant list is available in some Trusts. Patients can also enter information such as blood pressure readings or blood glucose results. Units involved in the TP-CKD Programme have access to their Patient Activation Measure and Patient Reported Outcome Measurement readings through Patient View. There is also the possibility to take part in an on line forum, to interact with other patients about issues such as how to cope with kidney disease. An individual’s access to Patient View can be shared with family members and also with their GP.

What are the benefits?

During 2011, 250 patients were asked for their opinions on using Patient View (NHS Kidney Care 2012) and they stated that Patient View gave them

  • A better understanding of their kidney disease
  • More control of their medical care
  • More involvement in decisions about their care
  • “Peace of mind” about their treatment

Some patients said they found it helpful to share their login details with staff from other renal units when they went on holiday. Others said

I now feel that I’m far more in control and I’m now able to see things a lot more clearly than I did before

I might ring the dietitian up and have a conversation about my blood results. I probably wouldn’t have done that before I used Patient View

How can it be used?

For patients
Patients who want access to Patient View should ask their health care professional to help provide a login and password. This allows patients to login to the site to access records.

For staff
Try to ensure that the process you have in place for patients to access Patient View is as patient friendly as possible. Training and support may be necessary. You might consider identifying a dedicated “Patient View Champion” responsible for informing, consenting and training patients. It might also be helpful to ensure that frontline staff are able and willing to talk with patients about Patient View.  

Useful Links and Resources

NHS Kidney Care (2012) Renal Patient View: a system which provides patients online access to their test results. Final Evaluation Report.

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