Renal Dietetic Outcome Tool

This is a measurement tool that the Measurement and Understanding workstream have identified as relevant for use in quality improvement projects within the renal setting. We have included information on this measurement tool, and where possible, attached the tool and further information related to its use. Please feel free to download any of the information on this tool below.

If you have any queries about the use of this tool please contact the chair of the Measurement and Understanding workstream via We’d also love to hear from you, if you have used this information in a quality improvement project.

Katie Fielding has also produced a blog providing further information on a number of other useful measurement tools recommended by the Measurement and Understanding workstream available on the KQuIP hub here.

Renal Dietetic Outcome tool – This is a document and plan developed by the Renal Nutrition group, outlining (among other things) what are the important nutritional outcomes to assess for kidney patients. This is aimed at renal dieticians, but the measurement strategy could provide focus for any quality improvement project aimed at nutrition or diet for kidney patients. Further information on the Renal Dietetic Outcome tool can be found in the pro forma here.