SHAREHD is a national quality improvement collaborative to scale up shared haemodialysis care in centre based haemodialysis patients.

Shared haemodialysis care means working with patients in partnership to engage them in their own treatment. It encourages patients to take an interest in helping themselves – promoting a more positive feeling towards their dialysis.

Many patients tell us that they enjoy being involved in their treatment via shared haemodialysis care and that it helps them to understand and feel in control of their condition.

Gerry (dialysis patient from Northern Ireland) said

I would definitely encourage dialysis patients to give shared care a go as this better understanding and control for me has improved my overall wellbeing

Staff also enjoy shared care, as Elizabeth from Sunderland says

Before it was a case of the staff knows best but now you find that some patients know even more that the staff and they are a lot happier…I would encourage all staff to give it a go for the benefits of their patients

The documents below are the core tools that any team or unit needs to get started with shared haemodialysis care. Read the road-map to identify the key stages and identify hints and tips at each stage. The staff questionnaire and patient audit tool allow teams to understand where they and patients are at and so be able to focus on the right service improvements, training and support.  Finally, the revised competency handbook can be downloaded and used by staff and patients as a status log.

Read the “what I tell my patients”  article to  see that shared care is about enabling choice and supporting the individual to share their care as much or as little as they want.

For more information visit the sharing haemodialysis care website