Tackling AKI

Tackling AKI was a multicentre pragmatic clinical study that was funded by the Health Foundation. The study commenced in 2015 and finished in 2017. The study evaluated the effectiveness of a package of measures to reduce harm associated with AKI, which was introduced across five UK hospitals. The interventions consisted of electronic AKI detection and alerting (using the NHS England endorsed algorithm), hospital wide education and an AKI care bundle, with their implementation supported by a dedicated change management strategy. Their aim was to increase recognition of AKI, enhance awareness and understanding and drive improvements in basic elements of care, with an ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes.

This webpage is a resource to share materials that were generated from the Tackling AKI study. These materials include study documents and published results, but in the main are the materials that were generated by the project teams at each of the five participating centres. We also include reflections on ‘lessons learnt’ on key aspects of implementing the intervention on a hospital wide basis. We hope that by sharing these, other teams undertaking similar work may benefit. Click on the tiles below to access materials.