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How COVID-19 has transformed blood tests in my area, Mark, transplant patient, UK

Booking blood tests pre-COVID For transplant patients, it has always been a bit back to front at my unit – you’d go to your transplant clinic, be given your blood cards, and then have a review of your previous blood results with the consultant.  After your appointment, you’d go and get your bloods done.  You’d then be waiting nervously for 24 hours before the results went…

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Mobile blood testing service

Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Dr Kate Bramham, Clinical Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Nephrologist In order to reduce the need for patients to visit hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic, we set up a mobile phlebotomy service for kidney patients at Kings. We initially contacted a local church charity who used medical vans for their work with homeless people, and they offered us the use…

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John’s story, peritoneal dialysis patient, UK

I am a renal patient on peritoneal dialysis, and live with my wife Debbie – have done for 47 years! For a few years now, I have volunteered at my renal unit offering peer support.  I get calls from the renal team asking if I can speak to patients who may be unsure about their treatment decisions, and help them make the right choice for them. …

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Unshielded: Keith’s experience part 4, haemodialysis patient, UK.

This was a Social Media question, and I have reproduced the responses made during a seven hour period from renal patients. I have intentionally not tidied it up apart from removing people’s names to show some raw feelings. Keith Bucknall Freedom 😆 Well ur employer has to make the workplace safe, and furlough in some kind is still there. So I wouldnt say abandoned yet but…

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