National paediatric KQuIP

Paediatric KQuIP structure

KQuIP is supporting 13 paediatric renal centres in the UK to improve the care of children with kidney disease through the development of a national quality improvement (QI) network. 

The national paediatric KQuIP programme is led by Dr Daljit Hothi, consultant paediatric nephrologist, Great Ormond Street Hospital and Ms Kamal Dhesi, patient/family representative, British Association of Paediatric Nephrologists  (BAPN).

The KQuIP Paediatric objectives are:

  • Building effective teams
  • Working collaboratively
  • Establishing patient/family co-partnerships
  • Developing learning communities, growing from the collective successes and failures
  • Adopting QI methodology to deliver our desired outcomes

Click here for more information on the national paediatric KQuIP structure.

National Projects

The national paediatric KQuIP network is collaborating on four QI projects:

  • GROWTH (dietetic)
    Dietetic KQuIP lead: Dr Caroline Anderson
  • CHOICE (Vascular Access)
    Vascular Access KQuIP co-leads: Mr Francis Calder/Ms Lynsey Stronach
  • Harmonisation (Transplantation)
    Transplant KQuIP lead: Dr Jan Dudley
  • Home therapies
    Home therapies KQuIP co-leads: Dr Amanda Newnham/Ms Natasha Baugh

Paediatric KQuIP Events

11th October 2019: KQuIP Paediatric QI learning and sharing event

28th June 2019: KQuIP Paediatric Launch event

9 November 2018: BAPN / KQuIP Paediatric Nephrology Multi-Disciplinary Quality Improvement Day