Person Centred Care

What is it that seems to unite clinicians, managers, policy makers and most importantly patients in care and treatment of chronic kidney disease? It’s a desire to see care, treatment and support centred on the person – their individual needs recognised, discussed and acted upon. Support that is tailored to help people live the lives they want to. It seems simple and obvious – but if it were, person centred care and support would be the norm and we wouldn’t be embarking on this ambitious and important programme – ‘Valuing Individuals in Chronic Kidney Disease’.

The NHS in England has positioned personalised, person-centred care at the heart of the vision for how care and support needs to be delivered in future. I can honestly say that working with the ‘renal community’ of patients, clinicians and commissioners is truly inspiring in its aim to contribute significantly to a healthcare system that puts ‘real’ collaboration between patients and clinicians at the centre of care.

So much has been achieved already – patients and clinicians work ‘side by side’ in the discussion, design and planning for how pathways of care should work for people living with chronic kidney disease. New friendships have been made and people (patients and clinicians) genuinely listen and learn from each other.

In my role working to support a broader shift towards person centred care and support for self-management I think the work and progress of people within this renal programme will ‘lead the way’ in how you co-design, build relationships and genuinely ‘listen’ to what matters most to patients. People living with chronic kidney disease and other long terms conditions – they are the experts in what matters to give them the choices, care and support they deserve to live lives that matter.

Patients within the renal community have given freely and wholeheartedly to this programme – they are what matters – it is only through working ‘with’ and for patients we will achieve our vision of person-centred care for all.

As I’ve said – this programme is ambitious and unique – I hope to see the learning and approach spread across healthcare – I’ve no doubt you’ll be watching this space!

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