Dialysis at Yours: Life fulfilled (DAYLife)

DAYLife is the KQuIP improvement project that launched across the Midlands during 2019 with the aim of increasing the number of people receiving renal replacement therapy at home. We hope other regions will join this work over the next 18 months, to ensure more people are given the opportunity to undertake dialysis at home.

DAYLife Midlands – project launch report

At the moment there is wide variation in home dialysis rates across the country, unexplained by the demographic distribution of the local population. At present, only a handful of renal centres have more than 30% of patients dialysing at home. In 2017, the UK Renal Registry reported that 4.5% of dialysis patients undertook home haemodialysis and 12.5% peritoneal dialysis. The project aim is to both increase the number of people dialysing at home and also to reduce variation between centres.

Despite national professional guidance and patient groups stating more people wished to dialyse at home there has been little consistent progress in the last 10 years. For example, evidence shows that home dialysis can lead to:

  • Significantly improved quality of life for the patient – less time and resources spent in or travelling to and from hospital, and fewer lost working days
  • Improved medical outcomes, for example reduced hospitalisation rates, improved recovery times, improved overall survival rates and reduced incidence of depression
  • Improved knowledge, skills and confidence for the person living with and managing their long term condition

These benefits are endorsed by NICE, and supported through the Home Dialysis Manifesto and the Kidney Health: Delivering Excellence report.

We want to develop leadership and a culture in renal units which makes home dialysis the first option considered for dialysis.

Over the coming months we will report progress on the project and create case studies to describe progress, challenges and successes.
Keep checking back for regular updates and information.

Patient experience

Project information:

Are you are interested in getting involved? Contact KQuIP: kquip@renalregistry.nhs.uk.