AKI data

The Patient Safety Alert issued in June 2014 by NHS England on standardising the early identification of actual and potential warning stage test results of Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) was for all NHS acute and foundation trusts providing pathology services. Following implementation of the algorithm into the Laboratory Information Management System, trust labs are required to report AKI warning stage test results to the UK Renal Registry. The data-completeness measure is based on the number of warning scores (rows in the submission) which contain ALL of the five key data items (NHS number, Postcode, Date of Birth, Sex and AKI stage).

The table below shows those laboratories that should be reporting data to the UK Renal Registry (updated as of the end of July 2022). Please note this table will no longer be updated as more detailed data are reported on the UK Kidney Association website, under the AKI laboratory portals. The portals can be found here and include:

  • The number of AKI episodes reported by each lab by quarter, by AKI stage at the start of the episode.
  • Summary of AKI data by Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STP’s)  in England
  • STP dashboard and AKI rate maps (England)


82.4% of labs have submitted data for July 2022
97.9% of labs are now submitting data overall

Last updated 01 September 2022