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You are currently accessing the Think Kidneys website. Please be aware that this site is an archive and contains content from the Think Kidneys project, which concluded in 2019. As a result, the information presented here is no longer being updated or maintained.

For the most current and relevant information, we encourage medical professionals to visit the UK Kidney Association for comprehensive resources and updates in the field. Patients and their families can find valuable, patient-centric information and support at Kidney Care UK.

We thank you for your understanding and invite you to explore these recommended resources for up-to-date insights and guidance in kidney care and health.

Nurses, wherever they work, have a vital role to play in the prevention, detection and treatment of AKI. These resources are for all nurses, and have been added to the website following Think Kidneys discussions with AKI Nurses at their network meeting. The resources are relevant and useful for nurses working at all levels and in all sectors of the NHS, and include work developed by AKI nurses.

Quick Guides

Introduction to AKI

Patient Advice

Detailed Information

Educational resources

The following resources are for undergraduate nurse educators. They consist of guidance, lesson plans, a video seminar and slide sets which also be accessed via our SlideShare account, where you can download and edit them to suit your needs.

Other Resources

External Resources and Case Studies

  • Local Quality Improvement – Renal units across the country are working to improve services for people with AKI through their own quality improvement initiatives. Some are shared here for others to learn from and to highlight their achievements.

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