Think Kidneys Review and Evaluation Report published

The NHS Think Kidneys AKI Programme Review and Evaluation report has been produced to mark the success of the Think Kidneys programme. At an event to share the evaluation and celebrate the programme's success held on 23 February 2017 Dr Mike Durkin, NHS National Director of Patient Safety, told delegates

The Think Kidneys programme has been successful in raising awareness of this costly condition and getting to grips with how data can drive improvement. It is important that we take time to evaluate our work so I am very pleased to see this review, which brings together all the outputs from the programme. The NHS is the first national healthcare organisation in the world to attempt to tackle AKI with a system-wide approach, and this programme clearly shows the benefits of working across all sectors, including social care settings where many of our most vulnerable patients reside. The NHS now needs to grab the lessons learned from this excellent work and share it relentlessly.

Over the last three years Think Kidneys has developed a wide range of guidance and information for people working in all healthcare sectors to help with the prevention, detection, management and treatment of AKI. Whilst this phase of the work has now concluded, Think Kidneys and the UK Renal Registry will continue to develop resources on the website, lead improvements in care and report on the impact of AKI across England.

The report can be accessed by clicking NHS Think Kidneys AKI Programme Review and Evaluation


Why we need to Think Kidneys and measure improvement

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Kidneys are important to our wellbeing, looking after our bodies through the production of urine to get rid of excess water and toxins.

Acute kidney injury is a sudden and recent reduction in a person’s kidney function. It is not caused as a result of a physical blow to the body.

Think Kidneys – tackling AKI, reducing avoidable harm and death for people with acute kidney injury, and improving care for patients whether in hospital or at home.

If you’re a patient, looking after someone, or concerned about acute kidney injury
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