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Putting data into action

By Ron Cullen, Chief Executive, Renal Association The UK Renal Registry’s mission statement, “Putting Data into Action” aims to improve patient care by national audit and supporting research, innovation and quality improvement (QI).  As the quality of the Registry’s data has improved, so has the desire to make a positive difference to kidney patients with the data we collect, and to ensure “quality assurance and quality…

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Dying for a drink…. but which IV fluid?

Summer is finally here!  24’C outside and the hospital radiators in my office are still on!  I’m hot, thirsty and so are my patients on the ward.  In the news, unbelievably there are still recurring headlines of patients dying from thirst in UK hospitals and care homes.1 Why is it so hard to ensure patients are getting enough to drink?  Why is this still happening? If…

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RCGP launch Acute Kidney Injury Toolkit for GPs

The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) has launched an Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) Toolkit for GPs and healthcare professionals. The toolkit, created in partnership, aims to improve the recognition, response and management of AKI in primary care. AKI is a major barometer of patient safety across the UK, with NHS England specifying it as a priority to delivering the vision of the Five Year Forward…

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First do no harm…. What now for contrast-induced AKI prophylaxis?

It has been widely agreed for many years that iodine-based radiological contrast can cause AKI, particularly in those patients who are deemed high risk.  However, as newer research is published, the risk of developing AKI from contrast, may now not be as significant as first thought, with some authors even questioning its existence!  Part of the problem is that many studies in the past, attributed any…

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Reporting the rate of Acute Kidney Injury within England

We are delighted to publish the first national report on measuring the rate of Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) within England, produced by the UK Renal Registry and Think Kidney’s AKI programme. It is estimated that one in five people admitted to hospital each year as an emergency has AKI representing a significant cause of mortality and morbidity.  This report provides a real opportunity for the renal…

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