Thames Valley

Thames Valley is one of nine official regions of England. The region covers of the four counties of Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Wiltshire.

Regional Structure

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National QI Project

After looking at data around transplantation, vascular access and home therapies, the region selected to implement Transplant First as their project

The KQuIP Delivery Plan is a simple framework where quality improvement capability  is developed and delivered in collaboration with renal unit QI leads and KQuIP’s developmental work stream.


9th March 2020 – KQuIP Thames Valley Training Day One

QI leads and their teams met to discuss the data they have been collecting. They are using the Transplant First Measurement Tool and LifeQI to record data, and presented graphs and run charts. They also created process maps to look closely at the steps in the transplantation pathway. Issues were discussed and change ideas were suggested. A newsletter summarising the session can be found here.

Links to the slidesets:

3rd July 2019 – KQuIP Thames Valley Learning and Sharing Event

In July they held a learning and sharing event where the teams from Reading and Oxford described their current status and themes emerging for improvement in pre-emptive transplantation. They also heard from two patients who described their experiences. Blogs are available to read here.

The teams are now collecting data and will meet again to share this and learn about QI tools to support their implementation of the project.

24th April 2018 – KQuIP/UKRR Thames Valley Regional Day

The KQuIP/UKRR Thames Valley Regional day held on the 24th April 2018, brought together the Oxford and Reading renal communities to learn from the UKRR data, and share best practice within the community. The day was led by Emma Vaux (Regional Lead) and Graham Lipkin (KQuIP Chair) and introduced information to the group from data sources such as UKRR, NHS England and NHSBT, to illustrate the following:

  • There are plenty of current good data sets to use for QI purposes for the Thames Valley region
  • Important to ensure measurements are helpful and relevant to improve QI
  • We should not excuse our performance because of unit’s or region’s demographics such as population ethnicity, age or deprivation; we should use this information to make sure our services fit the needs of our populations

In addition, the day focused on the following key areas:

  • Know your outcomes-using available data
  • Decide on your unit priorities for QI based on this data
  • Feel supported to embed QI in your practice
  • Identify your QI leads
  • Know where to turn to for further support

To view the agenda for the day please click here.

The presentations shared are listed below with links: