Acute Kidney Injury – an update

The latest AKI data being received from labs for October 2018 is available on the Think Kidneys website here.

We have 149 labs out of 162 (92%) submitting in total. We continue to receive backdated data from labs, and the data completeness for the majority of 2018 is over 90% of the labs submitting. 109 labs – almost 70% – have submitted October data at the time of writing. The website link above shows a breakdown of labs submitting by month.

Since the autumn of 2017 we have been producing quarterly reports to all the 196 England CCGs about their AKI rate, and national AKI mortality.   The missing laboratories (as described above) mean that at present we cannot provide any estimate for about 30 CCGs, but we highlight to them which laboratories are not providing data to help them move to a state where we can.

From early 2019 the CCG reports will be available on-line to download, and the CCG and Hospital AKI rates will be published in a planned AKI annual report from the UKRR in the middle of 2019. 

For phase two of the project, the RCGP and partners are undertaking a consensus study which aims to support decision-making about when patients should be reviewed by Primary Care teams after an episode of AKI.  To assist with this study, in March we will be bringing together a panel of selected AKI experts and GPs to be part of the study. The completed guidance should be published in the autumn 2019.

We continue to review the AKI resources to ensure they are up to date and contain the correct information.  The latest versions of the resources can be accessed here.